Vote Phillip A. Tufi for 8th District Assembly - June 5th

Phillip A. Tufi is passionate about reviving california's struggling economy. He is the ONLY candidate with specific plans to do just that. And he is the ONLY candidate who has first-hand, real life experience in global economics and international business relations.

In order to create jobs, California has to increase exports. That's the only way to bring in new money to our district and our state. The California economy is not going to pick itself up. WE have to pick it up. And that requires specific ideas. Just saying the word "jobs" or that "jobs are your first priority" will not create a single job.

Phillip Tufi played a leading role in opening the first american franchise for Pizza Hut in Europe's largest country during the turbulent '90s. In a twist of irony, Russia is California's most promising emerging market. And she is eager to do business with California.

Cisco systems, the multi billion dollar tech company headquartered in San Jose, California has already recognized the opportunities there and is currently involved with joint ventures. When President Medvedev visited California, one of his first stops was a meeting with Steve Jobs, then CEO of Apple Computer. If these tech giants can see the opportunities, other California businesses would do well to pay attention.

While establishing the Pepsi franchise there, Phillip spent seven years in the country, speaks the language fluently and has many, many contacts there to facilitate California commerce. No other assembly candidate has this kind of global economic experience. one of the primary reasons for the great recession is our trade deficit. We import far more than we export. California is uniquely positioned both geographically and technologically to create a new booming export business. all that is required is someone who can bring both parties together. Phillip Tufi is that man. No other assembly candidate has Phillip's global economic experience and that's the market we have to compete in.

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